Introducing the NEW Sola Junior

I wanted to build a guitar that was the same high quality as the others in my lineup, but more affordable. So I looked at what a guitar needed and what could be considered nice extras.

What I ended up with was the slab bodied, single pickup SOLA Junior.

Sola Jr guitar, custom, bespoke electric guitar

When you play a guitar with only one pickup, something magical happens. You stop thinking about pickup selections, because there aren’t any! You stop worrying about what sound you need from the guitar, because all you need is in the tone. You start just playing the thing, and playing it loud! There’s a lot to be said from making things simple and taking away unnecessary options.

With a slab poplar body, wraparound bridge and choice of Bareknuckle Boot Camp pickups, the Sola Jr is ideal for anyone playing blues rock, punk, ska, country… actually, just about any style of music where you’re usually playing on the bridge pickup.

But this is no one trick pony. A turn of the tone control gets you everywhere from bright and rude to mellow and warm.

The angle output jack makes sure you don’t have to worry about unplugging when you stand on the guitar cord.

And it’s just £899.

You can also choose from one of three colours!

Of course you can always upgrade to make your Sola Jr truly yours. For £50 extra, you can order a bespoke Sunbear P90 or Tele-style bridge pickup, wound exactly to your specifications.

Get in touch to take a Sola Jr for a spin. I think you’ll like it!

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