New Model!

Introducing the new Burman Sola.

Building on a tradition of straight ahead, no-nonsense single pickup designs, I wanted to create something more comfortable and modern.

There’s something magical about having just one pickup, one volume and one tone. It forces you to be more creative, to focus on the music, to dig in and have fun. You have no choice but explore the nuance of that one pickup, the variety of tones from the tone control, and use the volume to clean up the sound.

To really make this combination work, you need a great pickup. For that, I chose the Sunbear 56 SB90 in a nickel finish. Whether cranking it up and playing with the volume wide open to get some rich and raw overdriven tones, or backing off the volume to coax warm clean sounds, the Alnico IV, 8.8k SB90 is just pure fun to play. You don’t think about the mechanics of the instrument. It’s just you and the music.

Sunbear SB90
Sunbear 56 SB 90 handwound pickup

The cocobolo fingerboard is too pretty to be littered with dots, so I kept the minimalist look of the whole instrument by installing just two dots on the side of the neck. A white stripe painted on the side of the fingerboard visually links the white top of the black limba body with the white faced headstock of the flame maple neck, which isn’t too fat, but fat enough to make you feel like you’re not going to break it if you give it some abuse!

I chose a Gotoh wraparound bridge to keep things simple, comfortable and tuneable. You won’t have problems with intonation here.

Sola is a straightforward, minimal instrument that will serve all jazz, country, blues and rock duties perfectly well.

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