Whether your guitar isn’t playing like it should, you need something upgraded or your friend just decapitated your Les Paul, let me know!

Maybe you don’t know what you need – in that case, I’m always happy to have a chat about your goals and source parts to make your dreams come true.

Wait a minute – you might not actually be a guitarist. Maybe your  daughter/son/friend/partner/sister/father/neighbour has a guitar that you want to sort out for them. No problem! We don’t have to talk that silly guitary geek-language. You don’t need to know a truss rod from a lightening rod or tell a PAF from a RAF. We’re all friends here!

So whatever you might need – minor adjustments, pickup replacement, a fret job or something a bit more major – drop me a line and let’s chat.

Setup inc. action, intonation, nut adjustments, fingerboard clean, fret polish
New Graphtech nut
Fret levelling, inc. crowning & levelling
from £150
Pickup installation
from £15
Push/pull pots, switches, rewiring – ask for details. 

Prices will vary depending on complexity, condition of instrument, etc. For example, pickup swaps on a semi-acoustic are more time consuming than on a Telecaster-style guitar.

Hourly rate: £30, minimum  30 minutes. 

If you have any questions about repairs or would like to book a repair, please use the form or message me on Instagram.