Does your guitar not play as well as it should? Are you not as happy with the sound as you could be? Do you have dreams of world musical domination but your favourite guitar just isn’t quite ready for the journey?

Or did your just knock it off the stage and the headstock is in innumerable pieces in the mosh pit? 

Let me get your guitar sounding great so you can get on with the important bit – making music. 

FREE PICKUP AND COLLECTION within 25 miles of Bury St Edmunds

Wait a minute – you might not actually be a guitarist. Maybe your  daughter/son/friend/partner/sister/father/neighbour has a guitar that you want to sort out for them. No problem! We don’t have to talk that silly guitary geek-language. You don’t need to know a truss rod from a lightening rod or tell a PAF from a RAF. We’re all friends here!

So whatever you might need – minor adjustments, pickup replacement, a fret job or something a bit more major – drop me a line and let’s chat.

Setup inc. action, intonation, nut adjustments, fingerboard clean, fret polish
New nut
Fret levelling, inc. crowning & levelling
from £150
Pickup installation
from £15
Push/pull pots, switches, rewiring – ask for details. 

Prices will vary depending on complexity, condition of instrument, etc. For example, pickup swaps on a semi-acoustic are more time consuming than on a Telecaster-style guitar.

Hourly rate: £30, min.  30 min.  

If you have any questions about repairs or would like to book a repair, please use the form or message me on Instagram.