Keeping your guitar in top condition is vital to making it play properly.
What makes Burman Guitars setups different?

Your guitar will get my undivided and meticulous attention to detail.

I use products made in the UK,
wherever possible.

This includes Newtone strings, Monty’s Guitar Food and cleaning products from Axewax.

But the one thing that makes my setups different, is the music.

Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

So it makes sense to listen to the right kinds of music while working on your instrument.

With reduced blood pressure, improved mood and a higher level of mental alertness, your guitar is bound to get the best treatment possible!

At the very least, the music will make me happy and nobody wants a grumpy, sleep deprived guy wielding tools over their precious instrument.

See below for what I’ll be listening to, depending on the level of setup you ask for.

Setup Pricing

Standard (aka “Bowie in Berlin”) £60

Bowie in Berlin, TJ Seabrook. Read it!

As well as string height, neck and bridge adjustments, this level of setup includes a fretboard clean with Monty’s Instrument Food, a blend of waxes that nourishes the wood.  If you have a maple fingerboard, I’ll give it a clean and polish.  I’ll also polish nut slots, and give the pots a contact cleaner treatment.  

Listening environmentDavid Bowie wrote some great tunes while in Berlin, and the mixture makes a good backing track for this level of setup – more involved and creative. Your guitar will enjoy this as much as I will. 

Super (aka “Bill Evans”) £85

It’s a stringed instrument too.

The usual playability adjustments, fretboard, nut and pot treatments… plus I’ll take a look at pickup heights, and fine tune the depth of nut slots to get the strings at exactly the right height.  Any rough fret ends will be sorted too. This fine tuning has caused customers to comment that their guitar felt brand new and “barely recognised”.  The devil is truly in the details. 

Listening environment: I’ll listen to the sublime Bill Evans while undertaking work on your guitar. His colourful and dynamic piano work is such a joy to listen to and puts me in the mood to really take my time and perfect the finer details of your guitar.

Deluxe (aka “You choose the music”) £120

Remember Compact Discs?

All the above services would make your guitar a dream to play, but I can take it a step further. Polishing and shining the frets will make them sparkle and help the strings glide across the frets, making bends easier. If any of the frets need a little dressing, I’ll take care of them to make them level.  I’ll clean up and polish the fret ends too.  And when I’m done, I’ll go over the entire guitar and ensure the electrics are working properly and everything is tightened and grounded as it should be.  If there are any issues that require further work or replacement parts I’ll let you know. 

Listening environment: As a special extra, I’ll listen to whatever you want me to (within reason….I reserve the right to veto death metal, gangster rap and anything by John Pertwee). 


Spot levelling – additional £25

Sometimes frets move due to moisture or poorly installed frets. If any fret is proud of the others, you’ll have fretbuzz issues. Spot levelling will take care of those rogue frets when a complete fret level isn’t necessary. If too many frets are out of line, I’ll let you know, because at that point it makes more sense just to level the whole fretboard.

Standard Floating Tremolo Tune up – additional £25

Ok, we all know it’s really a vibrato, but let’s call it a tremolo for now. Whammy. Wiggle Stick. Mainly used to give a slight flutter to notes and chords, it can be a source of frustration for many players, but that’s usually because it’s not setup correctly. Get it done the right way and you’ll open up new musical possibilities, pulling up notes, bending down notes and returning to tune. Yes, in tune. It can be done!

What Customers Say

Highly recommended! Really great service from Nick who serviced/set up 4 guitars and rescued a FR trem for me recently. The difference is amazing and all the guitars are playing beautifully. Great value in my opinion too. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Cheers!! 🤘😁🤘 – Ryan Harris (Google Review)

Cannot praise Nick at Burman Guitars enough !!!!! Fantastic service, Fantastic work. Will definitely be using again and will fully recommend Nick for all Guitar services. – SAD Punk and Ska (Google Review)

My guitar feels like a brand new instrument after the “Burman Guitars Treatment”. Nick’s an excellent technician and I haven’t been able to stop playing since he’s worked on it. Highly HIGHLY recommend for all your guitar service needs. – Joey Quinn (Google Review)

If you have any questions about setups or would like to book a setup, please use the form or message me on Instagram.