Keeping your guitar in top condition is vital to making it play properly.

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Each setup will include a cleaning (including electrical parts)*, truss rod and bridge adjustments, fingerboard treatment, ensuring the nut is cut properly, lubrication of friction points, setting the intonation and a new set of regular strings of your favourite standard gauge (9-42, 10-46). Other gauges, bass and coated strings cost a little extra.

COST: £65

*extensive cleaning may cost extra. Please don’t leave your guitar outside!


  • Provide your own strings – £5 off
  • Floyd Rose setup – additional £20
  • Partial refret – £20 per fret
  • Spot levelling – additional £25

Sometimes frets move due to moisture or poorly installed frets. If any fret is proud of the others, you’ll have fretbuzz issues. Spot levelling will take care of those rogue frets when a complete fret level isn’t necessary. If too many frets are out of line, I’ll let you know, because at that point it makes more sense just to level the whole fretboard.

Standard Floating Tremolo Tune up – additional £25

Tremolo. Whammy. Wiggle Stick. Ok, we all know it’s really a vibrato, but let’s call it a tremolo for now. Mainly used to give a slight flutter to notes and chords, it can be a source of frustration for many players, but that’s usually because it’s not setup correctly. Get it done the right way and you’ll open up new musical possibilities, pulling up notes, bending down notes and returning to tune. Yes, in tune. It can be done! But not only in tune, but also detuning to a preset pitch. Your trem deserves to be setup properly.

What Customers Say

Highly recommended! Really great service from Nick who serviced/set up 4 guitars and rescued a FR trem for me recently. The difference is amazing and all the guitars are playing beautifully. Great value in my opinion too. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Cheers!! 🤘😁🤘 – Ryan Harris (Google Review)

Cannot praise Nick at Burman Guitars enough !!!!! Fantastic service, Fantastic work. Will definitely be using again and will fully recommend Nick for all Guitar services. – SAD Punk and Ska (Google Review)

My guitar feels like a brand new instrument after the “Burman Guitars Treatment”. Nick’s an excellent technician and I haven’t been able to stop playing since he’s worked on it. Highly HIGHLY recommend for all your guitar service needs. – Joey Quinn (Google Review)

If you have any questions about setups or would like to book a setup, please use the form or message me on Instagram.