Three Single Coils (SSS Wiring)

3-Way Selector Switch, Middle Pickup Volume

Think of this wiring as a telecaster with a blend knob for the middle volume. It gives you the neck and bridge option on position 2, and lets you dial in how quacky you want the middle pickup to sound when blended with neck or middle. Very flexible but easy to navigate!

Strat Wiring, upgrading your stratocaster

5-Way Selector Switch, Push-Pull for Neck Pickup

This wiring is also called the 7-position Strat because you gain the neck and bridge option, as well as the option to have all three pickups together.

Strat Wiring, upgrading your stratocaster, push pull for neck pickup

5-Way Selector Switch, Push-Pull for Neck Pickup and Bridge Tone

You don’t need the push-pull switch to add a tone knob to the bridge pickup, but it’s a good option. Simply add the green wire to use the lower tone control on the bridge and middle pickups. You don’t even need another capacitor. Now you don’t have to suffer from a bridge pickup that is permanently too bright.

Strat Wiring, bridge tone control