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A new finish could be the most exciting way to upgrade.

There are lots of reasons for having your guitar refinished, from simply wanting a change, to restoring it to its former glory or just making it more YOU. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good one!
Whether you’re looking to replicate a finish you’ve seen, need some major repair work done or have something new in mind, get in touch and let’s talk about how to transform your guitar with a brand new finish.

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Poly or nitro

Using high quality guitar finishing products, whether you want a durable polyurethane finish or a traditional nitro cellulose one, your guitar will look fantastic.

You can also ask about having a tribute or artistic finish on your guitar. Finishes don’t have to be limited to the usual solid colours or bursts.

I can also finish kit guitars or work with guitar builders looking to offer something different to their customers.

Preparation preparation preparation

The most important part of guitar refinishing is preparation (you could say how you finish is about how you start! ). Any surface that is going to be painted needs to be prepared properly to make sure the finish adheres properly and looks as smooth as possible because paint won’t cover any sins, so if you have an old beater that you want to look new again, remember that it may take more time to get it ready for painting.

What did you have in mind?

  • Solid colour respray
  • Metal flake
  • Metal flake with faded candy colours
  • Chameleon (flip paint) – eg. from green to blue to purple
  • Transparent finishes
  • Different colour sides/back/front
  • Satin or high gloss finishes

Solid Colour – from £300

Sunburst Top – £250

Chameleon/Flip – £450

Metalflake – £450

Pollock-Style – £450

Or Something Completely Different.

Every guitar job is going to be a little bit different, so get in touch to get a fair quote for your finish.

How would you like your guitar finished? Get in touch!