The Reality Tribute Guitar

Designed as a tribute to David Bowie’s last tour, The Reality Tribute guitar has features that appeal to both Bowie fan and guitarist alike.

David Bowie reality tribute guitar

For the Bowie Fan

The artwork is inspired by the Reality album cover, using digital and hard applied shapes, designs and other art marks that seek to reflect the eclectic and decade-spanning aspects of the music.

The Bowie figure in the centre has been modified to represent the outfit that he wore on the tour – black jacket, black t-shirt and red neck tie.

The design of the guitar itself is a combination of the instrument Bowie played on the Reality tour and an original design.

Reality tribute guitar, David Bowie

For the Guitarist

Taking elements from Bowie’s Supro Dual Tone, and mashing them with an original Burman design, the Reality Tribute Guitar is quite unique.

At the heart of the sound is a pair of handwound, bespoke pickups made specifically for this guitar by Sunbear Pickups. Capturing the tone and attitude of the original Supro pickups, the rod magnet single coils sound like no other, falling somewhere between a P90 and Telecaster pickup – punchy, rich, raw and exciting.

Other specifications

• Philippine Mahogany body

• Maple neck

• Pau ferro fingerboard

• Gotoh SD90 MG-T vintage style locking tuners.

• Bigsby B50 tailpiece

• Rosewood bridge

• Graph tech nut

• Stainless steel frets

• 24 3/4” scale

• 3 way selector

• CTS pots ( 2 x volume, 2 x tone)

• Newtone strings, 10-46